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Maintenance Tips For Your Tampa Rentals

One of the challenges of being a Tampa property owner is that you must ensure your units are well maintained and habitable at all times. Otherwise, you will have to deal with unhappy tenants. A sure way for you to keep your rentals in tip-top shape is to carry out routine property maintenance. Here, are a few leads on how to go about it. (more…)

Generating Tenant Leads for your Rental Property

As a Tampa landlord it’s important to generate leads for your rental property. An anxious moment for most Tampa landlords is when their property becomes vacant. A vacant property means the loss of rental income. Many owners, therefore, go out of their way to try and find new occupants for their properties as soon as a tenant moves out. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, resources or adequate skills, most of these landlord’s efforts do not pay off. This leads to the units remaining vacant for long periods of time or they end up attracting low-quality problematic residents. (more…)

What To Consider In A Rental Management Company

Qualities to look for in a property managerGetting into rental property investment is without a doubt one of the best investment decisions one can make. However, the joy or failure of such a venture depends largely on the amount of expertise, time and commitment you dedicate to it. For this reason, experienced Tampa landlords enlist the services of competent Tampa property management professionals to handle their rental asset.

The managers ensure that the owners and the tenants are satisfied and that the property remains attractive, well maintained and of the right market value. It is, however, essential for a rental property owner to get the right kind of manager. If you are shopping for one, the following are desirable qualities to look for in a property manager. (more…)

What to Include in a Lease Agreement

An important document that every Tampa landlord must have is a well-crafted lease agreement. It will help you as the owner, spell out the terms, conditions, and rules by which tenants must abide as long as they occupy your property. Furthermore, it will define the repercussions and course of action in the event of a violation. Since the tenancy agreement is a legally binding document, it is important to you as the landlord to ensure two things:

a. The document addresses all the necessary elements that safeguard your interest and that of your tenant.

b. That you have the agreement ready for the tenant to sign before he or she moves into your property. (more…)

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