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Why Live in Tampa?


Are you considering living in Tampa, Florida?

It is one of the most popular areas in the Sunshine State. The city experienced difficult times during the Great Recession, but the 2010s brought a strong comeback for Tampa.

The competitive city has revamped its urban core and waterfront. Lack of income tax together with the sunny weather makes Tampa a highly desirable city to live in.

In this article, you will learn about the top 10 reasons why living in Tampa, Florida is a great idea.


#1: Living Costs in Tampa

Consider the fact that Florida has no taxes on estate, income, and inheritance. Retirees are also exempt from paying tax on the following:

  • Income from a 401(k)
  • Pension income
  • Social Security retirement benefits
  • Income from IRAs

When you factor in the reasonable prices of services and products in Tampa, you will see why the cost of living is quite affordable. Moreover, Florida is an especially attractive place for people looking to retire.


#2: Weather in Tampa

The temperature consistently stays above 70 degrees. Florida is closer to the equator, which is why you will experience brighter and stronger sunlight. Even during the cooler months, the temperature stays warmer compared to most states.


Snowfall is extremely rare in Tampa. You can forget about shoveling the snow or setting the heating at maximum settings. The warm climate also makes outdoor sports a year-round thing.


#3: Travel to Florida

Do you love to travel?

Tampa is a convenient departure point for both domestic and international trips, and the Tampa International Airport is just a fifteen-minute drive from downtown.

The top domestic routes from the airport are to Atlanta, GE; Charlotte, NC; and Chicago, IL. You will find many international flights as well. The major destinations include Toronto, London, and Frankfurt, which all serve as further connection points to the whole world.


#4: Food & Drinks

Tampa is becoming an increasingly popular place for delicious food experiences. TripAdvisor named it one of the up-and-coming dining destinations. Just consider the following opportunities for enjoying the culinary creations:

  • Celebrity chefs enter Tampa’s food scene. Anne Kearney created the dishes at Oak & Ola while Fabio Viviani from Top Chef owns Osteria.
  • The local microbrews gain a lot of popularity: Tampa Bay Brewing, Cigar City, Coppertail, and Angry Chair are just a few examples.
  • Not that into beer? There are exquisite craft cocktail creations in Saigon Blonde and Mandarin Hide.
  • Quite a few food halls have opened up in Tampa as well. Hall on Franklin and Sparkman Wharf are the top options in the area.


#5: Education in Tampa

Are you planning to move to Tampa with your kids?

There are plenty of options for getting a great education in Tampa. High schools such as Gaither High School and Freedom High School rank high on multiple lists.


Tampa has great higher education opportunities as well. These include the University of Tampa, the University of South Florida, and Hillsborough Community College.


Here is a breakdown of these institutions:

  • There are over two hundred programs of study at the University of Tampa, and the students come from more than a hundred countries.
  • The University of South Florida is a highly ranked public research university with over a hundred programs.
  • Hillsborough Community College provides an excellent college experience. They have over 47,000 students and close to two hundred academic options.


#6: Culture and Entertainment in Tampa

The city is buzzing with cultural activities and great entertainment throughout the year. The area boasts a selection of fun festivals, such as:

  • Gasparilla Pirate Festival is a large parade and festival organized every year on the last Saturday in January. It is filled with live music and plenty of pirate-themed activities.
  • Tampa Bay Margarita Festival brings together the fans of this legendary cocktail. It is a day full of concerts and over 50 unique takes on the margarita.


#7: Sports

Tampa is known as one of the most active cities in the States. The warm weather makes it easy to go outside and partake in some fun sports activities.

Whether you prefer jogging, golf, or indoor fitness clubs, you will find many activities in the area.


#8: Beaches in Tampa

Tampa is a perfect beach destination. You can pick between a variety of beautiful white-sand beaches.


Some of them are fully serviced, complete with entertainment and cabanas. Others are more peaceful, relying on a more natural setting.

  • Clearwater Beach: a lot of attractions and nightlife
  • Caladesi Island State Park: kayaking, shell hunting, and seclusion
  • Treasure Island: three miles of white sand and plenty of activities
  • Ben T. Davis Beach: a fine white sand beach located within the city limits

All of these beaches are within a thirty-minute drive from downtown Tampa.


#9: Economy in Tampa

Tampa is the third biggest city in Florida by population. It is the economic focal point of the west-central part of the state. The economic base rests on diverse industries, including:

  • Finance
  • Tourism
  • Technology
  • Maritime industry
  • Health care


#10: Golf Courses in Tampa, Fl

Tampa has a great set of world-class golf courses. The warm weather throughout the year makes this region a perfect place to enjoy golf. One of the most special golf courses is the Westchase Golf Club, which is set in an extensive cypress tree forest. Enjoy the sights of local wildlife as you make your way through the 18 holes.

If it is raining or windy outside, you can check out Topgolf, which is a top-quality indoor golf complex where you can order food and drinks to enjoy with your game.


The Bottom Line: Reasons to Live in Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida is a great place to live in 2020. The diverse economy provides plenty of job opportunities. For families with kids, there are many great options for education in the city or just close by.

The warm weather is ideal for outdoor activities, making it easy to stay active and fit. The living costs are moderate because of the state’s favorable tax climate and reasonable prices.

There is also a booming food and drink scene in Tampa, where you will find timeless classics and exciting new culinary restaurants.

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